Colocation Network Day


Managing the Expanded Product Portfolio

Opportunities and Challenges in
Realization and Operation

The competitive advantage of MTDC and hosting providers will be determined by their ability to become a provider of services – not just iron. As space and power have been commoditized, being able to differentiate with new business and financial models will mean the difference between success and failure. To succeed in this market, these companies need to provide the right products and services to their customers. To stand out in this crowded market, they need to emphasize on service design, standardized infrastructures, efficient change processes and secure maintenance and operation.

New York – Reminder
Singapore – Reminder

The ColoCONNECT Days are the local meeting points for the MTDC and hosting provider industry, offering expert lectures and networking among industry peers.

Reserve a place for yourself as the number of participants is limited!



Listen to lectures by different subject matter experts on colocation products


Learn from the experiences of other participants and the solution presentations



Discuss important topics and questions with other participants



Network with like-minded people and peers during the event

Highlights of the ColoCONNECT Days:

Learn from the experiences of other data center operators during the implementation of new products and services
Find out how you can transform new products and services into market opportunities for your company and thus contribute to the overall company success
Learn about the latest trends relating to connectivity, data center and network operations within the data center
Meet with specialists and managers of other MTDC and hosting providers and expand your personal network
Enhance your expertise and get answers to current challenges in your peer group
Get a market overview of products and solutions for your area of responsibility
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